Flow of parasailing


You can look "Kerama islands" that National park of Japan during your flight.
Rope's lengthes are 50m, 100m, 200m. You can choose your prefernce.
Recommended so much romantic "Sunset parasailing".


Enjoy breathtaking scenery of Okinawa from the sky!

Price of parasailing


  • 初心者・お子様向きコース
  • 初級

    This plan for kids and biginner.
    If you don't like high placeso much but you want to try parasailig, we recommed this.

    • 料金
    • 申し込みする


  • 通常コース
  • スタンダード

    This is the parasailing.
    General corse in Okinawa.
    The most populer one!
    You can look a beautiful view from the sky.

    • 料金
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  • 根性試しコース
  • エキスパート

    If you like high place or you have brave, have to try this!
    You can look the most beautiful view in the world!

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  • サンセット貸し切りプラン
  • 初級

    Completely charter plan.
    You can enjoy for only two.
    Let me know if you want to use more than two.
    Romantic in sunset.
    Recommend for special date!

    • 料金
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* The time is depend on season


  • 貸し切りプラン
  • V.I.P

    Completely charter plan.
    You can use whatever you want.
    Parasailing, crusing, enjoy the sun and more!

    • 料金
    • 申し込みする
The age of the object is seven years old or more. An uncertain point and the consultation, etc. must feel free to consult.
Cancel the flight depend on the weather. Your safety is the most important.


* Checking the notes before booking.

Guide of departure point

Meeting PlaceMiegusuku machiaijyo "Waiting area Miegusuku"Address3-20 Nishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa

* All the departure from Miegusuku port.

* The introduction of para sailing in central part and the northern part such as regions and On'na-sons other than Naha outskirts is also possible. Additionally, it can introduce marine sports and feel free to consult, please when there is something. It is cheap and proposal OK.

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    * Checking the notes before booking.

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